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Thursday, November 24, 2005


hentai figurines and cum. interesting.



Some people need another hobby!!!

sorry man... worst post ever

That shit's nasty dude

It's not's disgusting!!!!

Simply and purely gross

that sick

Well I enjoyed it
Thanks Xax

i wouldent say gross just shows how fucked up people can be kinda interesting to find out people jerk off and cum all over miniratures of cartoons :|

I never quite understood why people bought those little figurines; now I know why. Interesting! Thanks for posting.

haha whtf that made emlaugh

It is a material that uses the bond for the woodwork that becomes popular ahead
a little.

hmmm...not sure if I should laugh or cry...all I can say is WEIRD!

they used too much bonding glue to make those little models...

pva? or carpenters paste?


You could say that they get what they deserve. Or what they were made for. One starts thinking, anyway.

ooo! i have the same kasumi statue
jesus christ that thing costs over $100.....wut a waste, cum to think about it, i could do it too!

Thats sick who buys that stuff?

I found it very interesting!!.. new stuff..

Oh man, I don't know if I'll be able to visit this blog again while this disgusting crap is on the frontpage ...

Sick? Why? Of course it´s different, but child-porn or scat and stuff. That´s sick! I think must of us in here do stuff that´s not that "normal". But publishing it... hmmmm

I think its a timely reminder that the man's orgasm rules supreme, whilst the woman's cum is merely an un wanted by-product of our lust engorged cocks. Which leads to the larger issue at hand, why can we fuck them but not torture and deform them? What does that say about our society? Damn it, the errect cock should be on the damn flag, for heaven sakes! Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving.

Xax, I know you've been busy with the film and all but this cr@p is the worst and most distasteful shit ever. TOTALLY unimpressed!

Xax, I know you've been busy with the film and all but this cr@p is the worst and most distasteful shit ever. TOTALLY unimpressed!

Xax, I know you've been busy with the film and all but this cr@p is the worst and most distasteful shit ever - and we waited 9 days for this???? TOTALLY unimpressed!

Guys, sorry for the 3 posts. Had more than one browser open. :-/

Xax is that really u posting?...all thumbsdown...feet too.


It’s funny how pissed people get over stuff like this. Have you never been on the internet before? This is nothing. Don't like it? Don't look at it. I found it interesting but not arousing. I don't know why someone would be into aroused by this but to each his own I suppose.

meh I should have re-read that b4 I posted sorry. :S *into/aroused

Only losers spell "fuck" with a ph. Dipshit.

the cum probably isn;t even real. in japanese av, they sometimes use fake cum. looks kinda the same, but its a packet that they squeeze out. u knoe how sometimes ur thinking, the cum doesn't even come out of the penis? its like under the cock. wtf. now u knoe.

that was hot...

Dude... You need to post more of those videos where japanese guys run up to strangers and splurg all over them. Also the ones where japanese guys run up to girls and take off there clothes and run away. entertaining stuff!

Agreed, to much spirm

great great great, i masturbated to those..

i just wanted to say to all the people who doubt its real cum. i think it is real. in fact im pretty sure, 99.9% sure that it is real.

i really feel sorry fot the guy who did this, he's a major loser



What can i say too much already said :P

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I've just signed up to Blogger to say 'Thanks Xax!', not just for this post but for all the hard work you do finding stuff for us. Don't listen to those fearty, good for nowts above.

Dipshit said: "Don't like it? Don't look at it"

How the fcuk can it be avoided if it's on the front page?

scroll down or go to another page moron. its called common sense.

nice. i think i did similar shit to my princess leia figurine when i was 8. is Xax's homepage there is no 'other', why scroll down to look at old shit?

If you're suggesting I look elsewhere then what would be the point of this blog?

TBH, it's so rarely updated it may as well die anyway..

Come on guys, don't be such cry-babies about a little come!
If someone likes jerking off with these plastic girlies, why not? The only one I feel sorry for is the top right - she needs to swim to stay ahead of this load... ;-)



Damn! That's sexy! Now I wanna cum on my sis' Barbies!

Hey- some of you people: Ever see Marcel Duchamp's painting of a pipe,which includes the caption "this is not a pipe"? (Let me spell it out for you: its a PAINTING of a pipe) How the fuck can you get bent out of shape by coloured dots on a screen representing pieces of coloured plastic. Something seriously wrong somewhere.

The Rocker Star Scamming!

Liked it! Great Stuff, thanks for the post.

This post has been removed by the author.

Don't knocok Xax for posting any link much less this one. If you don't like something move on, but I don't want Xax to censor himself.

"Hey- some of you people: Ever see Marcel Duchamp's painting of a pipe,which includes the caption "this is not a pipe"? (Let me spell it out for you: its a PAINTING of a pipe) How the fuck can you get bent out of shape by coloured dots on a screen representing pieces of coloured plastic. Something seriously wrong somewhere."

Uhh I wouldn't want to look at paintings of spooge all over some figurines either. Regardless of the medium used (i.e. picture, video, text, in-person) I just think it's gross. whatever

It was Magritte, not Duchamp, but that's neither here nor there.

If you don't like it, move on! I can't say this was the best post ever here, but it was interesting, and it is what it is. Props to Xax for everything -- some of us out there appreciate you!

Great post!!! Very refreshing ! =P

new video on page take a look kates rubbin here tits ^^


It's fucking art you faggots. If you don't fucking like it then start your own fucking blog.

hehehe, thx that made me chukkle. And I can't believe all the bad remarks that were said in here. I mean, it's not like he's your "official porn provider". Give him a break, he was trying to enlight you guys by making you discover something new, and all you could do is flame him.

lolz bonerific

Fan vad bra! Tack för en bra hemsida.

People in Japan are pleased , saying that "This CUM SHOT BBS was introduced
to the world!!".

D'ya know what a faggot really is?

It's a person who is too inadequate to be able to write a sentence without persistant use of the 'F' word.


hot !

That is freakin sick.

Hey i come here to jerk off to hot chicks, and i have to see cum, THAT USNT on my chest!! WOW how distasteful.

Haha too all you porn leeching bitches, stfu and go join your wives in some small intrest group, you whiny fucks.

i would pay real monies for arts done these. hot sexy #1. taste good, no? YES! we's love you cream! more death forever now. Kid Rock, Ac/DC, ZZ-Top!

uhhh wow...

wish this was not on the front page anymore lol like looking at women, not cum on a plastic figurine. sick fux..

i got no words
... well maybe...


Man! You're an artist. Your projections are millimetrically calculated in every perform.

BTW: Bukaked Shippon is GREAT!

"wish this was not on the front page anymore"

You're not the only one. Give it another week, or however long it takes to update :-p

Wow... and to think that I own just about half of the figurines in those pictures (considering I'm a girl).

Now I know how they were meant to look their BEST. It's amazing how all the poses just go so perfect with the "cum all over cute girl" hentai ideal. It's like the ultimate destiny of their plastic miniature lives!

Hey Xax, this is my first time posting here after being a long time enjoyer.
Please don't be discouraged by the most vocal reactionary walking hard-on assholes who don't know beauty when they see it.
I'm not afraid to be honest with myself and try new things, and frankly, this post is terribly hot.

Look's like something Giles would do!!!!!!!!1111

Boooooo. (thumbs down)


And there speaks the biggest one!

i like the one holding her shirt up. what can i say. repulsive but interesting, keep it cumming

Good Job!!!!!!!!

Good Job!

Good Job!!!!!!!!

Only Americans thinks this is wierd! And thats because their parents teach them that sex is dangerous but drugs and violence are GREAT!
Welcum to the REAL world!

wish this was not on the front page anymore lol like looking at women, not cum on a plastic figurine. sick fux.. <<< I really don't understand why looking at an actual person is less perverse than looking at a plastic figure covered in what may or may not be real ejaculate.

It didn't do anything for me, but at the end of the day There's no harm in coming on a plastic toy. Us girls do it all the time ; )

It was certainly novel.

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WELL i'd SAY IT IS GROSS, BUT IT TURNED ME ON... then i thought about it -its an ART ! Keep on doing that dude!

that'sfuckedup, Yo. Lot's of twisted. Cute dolls though. Still, that's Wayfuckedup. HAH! God, have we got ONE FUCKED-UP world out there. Tell me, did your mother do a lot of LSD when whe was a child.

You know Ass-holes everybody has an opion some people like sex some
like Basketball some like Football
so if you don't like it don't go to see it but do not use your ways to infulence others Remember
Different strokes for diferent Folks The guy who loves Creampies
or the one who gets stright from the cock just his or her likes Be
glad this site is here to look at
and it is free SO CHILDREN PLEASE GROW UP Try out some new fetishes
you may find out what you are missing in your life

Masterful. Imaginative. From a bukkake and hentai fan, big fat KUDOS to you! In fact, I encourage you to post more if you got 'em! >8]

P.S. Please be encouraged to disregard the negative comments posted. Its free, artistic expression for Chrissake. Please, let's grow up, kids.

just wondering if they were all his loads or did he have help. Where do you find volunteers?

why waste your time!?!

lol... thats fucking funny you sick twisted bastard.

its not cum you retards, its probably pva glue. If anything, its impossible to tell whether its actual cum or not from a picture alone. Forging cumshot pictures using a variety of materials and techniques is hardly new. Dont believe the hype people.

The japs are fucking crazy, I don't know what else to say

well done!

might be a new art and a feel to get for ur fantasy girls o.O? lol i bet one of u wants to buy a bigger one and spray the gooey over ><" lolllll ><

I found it interesting and stimulating

Instead of doing your business on toys do what I do spank a teenage schoolgirl sore then shoot your spunk onto her crimson buttocks

dont waste it ream the schoolgirls arse and shoot your wad up her shithole as she begs you not to

please please take your fat cock out of my arsehole it hurts too much Ipromise to suck it Mister until you pull out and shoot your spunk over my face

If its in your mouth it,ll go down your throat bitch

hey, i dont think thats worksafe

What's the point?

ahhh, now ive cummed on my monitor ;(

6 un grande.. ;)

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Here Scooby Doo now sit still while i wrap my pussy around your cock Oh my its so thick and long I wonder what your doogy cum tastes like Ibet It,ll make for a salty Scooby snack

Can you catch anything if you,ve being raped repeatedly by a tramp he even put his dick up my bum after gagging me and buggered me till he shot his hot spunk into my bottom before pissing into my mouth and over my face and tits

I,m sorry i did,nt get the name of any of you 4 fella,s but thanks for the group fuck especially the 4 into 1 session my cunt,s happy altough a little stretched and sore


Has anyone got a rubber ring for me to sit on as I,ve just been spanked hard by my boyfriend who then shagged me up the bum cause he knows I just love being bumfucked

I have a face that deserves to be spunked on,then i just rub it it like face cream to give my complextion a healthy glow


Where did you find this? I'd like to see more

Bukkake on anime figures... quite original actually :D


i think you should burn your penis off right now =3

I,m dying of thirst here guys anyone got a nice full set of balls they want sucking dry

If you are that thirsty Kirsty you can drink the hot piss from my cock

Gladly I,ll even drink piss from a girls pussy

Yes please can i watch?

Watch or even film it for posterity

nice idea. look me blog to see somthing similar. for me, use my sperma is a creative way. it's same for you?

see you, and congratulations.

By the way, look at my dick.
What do you think about this?

wow man, next time, use protection, sure them girls MIGHT look clean but jeeez!!!

OMG That shit is fuckin HOT!!!!!

well thanks alot guys, i'll keep cumming in my figures then, hehe! hey you havent seen the animations yet have you? GIFs and MPGs?
even hotter!

hey guys i found this pretty interesting link, its and the password is littleredeyes.
theres vids of some guy cumming on an figure on there but its mostly filled with videos of him sticking his cock into a cushion and getting off, kinda weird but its kinda kinky too i think ;)
check it out if youre bored one day

BROKEN LINK no pics :(

ZOMG Funbags, that link is the hottest stuff ive ever seen!!
i think i need psychiatric help now though. rofl
and funbags if that guy is you, i want that cock in me! ;)

link broken no picss :(

Funbags link is great! but there are no pics, the link is NOT broken cuz m there right now and im downloading a video this very second!
the passwors is LITTLEREDEYES but not capital letters lol.
i also saw the videos online at pretty darn kinky if you ask me.

More of this please!! more!!!!
I love watching cum fly out of a juicy clean cock! I cant believe I found this page, Im soooo HAPPY!!!! :D :D :D


Enjoy these 2 beauties 2 they are even hotter then Vida :)

Stunning Stacey Dash (New)

A J Bailey (New)


well i still prefer splurting anime figures with my thick cum!
but i wont make videos for you perverts hahaa! ill just say that i usually rub the tip of my cock on their asses to bring myself off!

is it cool to masturbate with your sisters panties?
ive been dong it for nearly a month now and she hadnt even noticed, i always hide them in the washing when im done though.
am i the only one who does this or are there otheres?
shes my HALF sister by the way.

Good stuff. Nothing wrong with that kind of deviant behavior. At least, not in my opinion.

Do you think it'd make visitors sick if I got some pics like this as framed prints? LOL!

Go for it dude, lol

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does anyone have a large figure they can actually fuck?
argh! im just dying to see a cock plunge in and out of a hole of a doll (or teddybear) and fill it with beautiful hot gooey slimy cum!
please someone help me im dying to see it! please!!

normally i just eat my own cum so it doesn't get any where why didn't i think of putting it on my sculptures...

Lets go to Iraq and look at dead bodies...Americans like that

i want people to do that to me it looks wicked


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